Discover the spectacular beauty of Bonifacio.

Drenched in sunlight, Corsica knows how to delight everyone's pleasure. Sensations are strong and varied, landscapes are grandiose and extravagant.

The southernmost point of Corsica represents the ultimate destination in France. The viewpoint lends desires for escape to anyone who faces the mouths of Bonifacio.

Bonifacio and its history

Its birth dates back to the beginning of the 9th century, it knew a history full of battles and conquests. Bonifacio is the result of war between Pisa and Genoa. It was only in the 12th century that Bonifacio adorned itself with its defenses and saw the construction of its Citadel, thus becoming the impregnable fortress that it still is today.

St. Francis of Assisi, Charles V or even young Bonaparte were among these visitors. Bonifacio remains one of the most mythical cities in Corsica. It will dazzle your curiosity with its beauty. The Hotel Genovese aims to be a witness of this Genoese past. The building is enclosed in the line of ramparts overlooking the sea.

Things to see and discover

There are so many things to see and discover when visiting Bonifacio. The city offers unforgettable walks that are really worth the detour. Walk along the marina to appreciate the panoramic view of the sea and the limestone cliffs, or stroll through the Haute Ville for an unobstructed view of the Mediterranean. Be sure not to miss the Roy d'Aragon staircase, a wonderful work of art that splits the limestone promontory of the City. If you're looking for a hike, Bonifacio's coastlines offer marked trails with incredible panoramic views. The Lavezzi Islands are an ideal place to spend a day at sea, where you can enjoy a picnic, a swim in the crystal-clear water, and sunbathing on the beach. Finally, don't miss out on sunbathing on the beaches of Rondinara, Petit and Grand Sperone, and Balistra to relax and soak up the natural beauty of the island.